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update documentation for minerFeeMin/minerFeeMax

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......@@ -31,10 +31,12 @@ The node will be used to verify UTXO and broadcast tx.
### UTXO amounts
server.mix.denomination: amount in satoshis
server.mix.miner-fee: miner fee (only paid by mustMix)
server.mix.miner-fee-min: minimum miner-fee to pay by mustMix
server.mix.miner-fee-max: maximum miner-fee to pay
UTXO for mustMix should be founded with *server.mix.denomination*<br/>
UTXO for liquidities should be founded with *server.mix.denomination*+*server.mix.miner-fee*
UTXO should be founded with:<br/>
for mustMix: (*server.mix.denomination* + *server.mix.miner-fee-min*) to (*server.mix.denomination* + *server.mix.miner-fee-max*)<br/>
for liquidities: (*server.mix.denomination*) to (*server.mix.denomination* + *server.mix.miner-fee-max*)
### Mix limits
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