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- ```--debug-client```: more debug logs
- ```--dump-payload```: dump pairing-payload of current wallet and exit
Any problem with CLI GUI or API? Try this:
- Configure CLI manually with: ```java -jar whirlpool-client-cli-xxx-run.jar --debug --init```
- Then restart CLI with manual authentication: ```java -jar whirlpool-client-cli-xxx-run.jar --debug --authenticate```
Any problem with a remote CLI? Test it locally:
- Configure CLI manually: ```java -jar whirlpool-client-cli-xxx-run.jar --debug --init```
- Then start it with manual authentication: ```java -jar whirlpool-client-cli-xxx-run.jar --debug --authenticate```
#### Log file
You can configure a log file in
logging.file = /tmp/whirlpool-cli.log
#### Testing loop
You can run CLI in loop mode on testnet to generate liquidity on testnet server:
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