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......@@ -35,24 +35,6 @@ The outputs are under the `target` directory.
Alternatively, just import the project using your IDE. [IntelliJ]( has Maven integration built-in and has a free Community Edition. Simply use `File | Import Project` and locate the `pom.xml` in the root of the cloned project source tree.
### Example applications
These are found in the `examples` module.
#### Forwarding service
This will download the block chain and eventually print a Bitcoin address that it has generated.
If you send coins to that address, it will forward them on to the address you specified.
cd examples
mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=org.bitcoinj.examples.ForwardingService -Dexec.args="<insert a bitcoin address here>"
Note that this example app *does not use checkpointing*, so the initial chain sync will be pretty slow. You can make an app that starts up and does the initial sync much faster by including a checkpoints file; see the documentation for
more info on this technique.
### Where next?
Now you are ready to [follow the tutorial](
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