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Alternatively, just import the project using your IDE. [IntelliJ]( has Maven integration built-in and has a free Community Edition. Simply use `File | Import Project` and locate the `pom.xml` in the root of the cloned project source tree.
### Example applications
### This version
These are found in the `examples` module.
#### Forwarding service
This will download the block chain and eventually print a Bitcoin address that it has generated.
If you send coins to that address, it will forward them on to the address you specified.
cd examples
mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=org.bitcoinj.examples.ForwardingService -Dexec.args="<insert a bitcoin address here>"
Note that this example app *does not use checkpointing*, so the initial chain sync will be pretty slow. You can make an app that starts up and does the initial sync much faster by including a checkpoints file; see the documentation for
more info on this technique.
### Where next?
Now you are ready to [follow the tutorial](
This version of bitcoinj was put together for use in Samourai Wallet and Sentinel as it enables signing of mixed inputs (P2PKH and P2SH-P2WPKH). It includes code from the SegWit branch of bitcoinj and GreenBits version of same. It also includes changes to remove Segwit2X DNS seeds as well as all Spongy Castle dependancies (it is 100% Bouncy Castle).
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