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# Ronindojo.io
This project uses [React](https://reactjs.org/docs/getting-started.html) and [Next.js](https://nextjs.org/docs/getting-started).
## System dependencies
- [Node.js](https://nodejs.org/en/download/) >= v12.x
- [Yarn](https://classic.yarnpkg.com/en/docs/install) v1.x
## Project dependencies
To install project dependencies, run `yarn install`.
## Development
Development server can be started by running `yarn run dev`.
A local server will be started on `http://localhost:3000`.
Every code change will be automatically detected and website will be refreshed automatically.
## Build & export
A static export can be made by running `yarn run build`.
A folder named `out` will be created with all the static files.
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