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RoninDojo v2.0.0 Change log

- Updated the pgp key file
  - Added the RoninDojo support PGP public key
  - Updated BTCxZelko's pgp public key entry
- Switched expected OS from Manjaro to Debian
- Added update script that warns v1.x users to migrate to v2 via flashing
- Added use of tune2fs on the backup drive when installing it, to maximize usage of the backup drive's storage space
- Updated Ronin's Dojo fork to v2.0.0
  - Based off upstream Dojo v1.18.1
  - Features bitcoind now reporting the RoninDojo version tag of dojo, as opposed to the upstream version it's based off.
- Credits: BTCxZelko, OrangedMike, dammkewl, s2l1, BrotherRabbit, Witty Bull, Numbers, KYC3, PavelTheCoder