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  • v2.1.1 protected
    - Sets sudo timeout to 1 hour
    - Added rebooting after ronindojo update if any specific update migration script requires it
    - Removed obsolete code
    - Credits: BTCxZelko, dammkewl, BrotherRabbit, s2l1, kyc3, numbers, 200keks, RockyRococo
  • v2.1.0 protected Release: v2.1.0
    Ronindojo v2.1.0 Change log
    - Fixed a preparation failure for receive blockchain backup procedure [609b3f3d].
    - Updated tor package to 0.4.7
    - Fixed UI not allowing access after host IP changed
    - Fixed bug in network systemd unit file not updating UFW rules after host IP changed
    - Fixed RoninUI showing a timeout error during RoninUI upgrades
    - Fixed updating tor breaking tor
    - Now forces docker's logging onto the storage drive regardless of any defaults
    - Removed autologin for physical access, previous only on first time boot, fixed regression of it happening every boot (RoninDojo and RoninOS)
    - RoninOS: Added extra check for the first time boot installation not to start until the network is up
    - Moved most of the installation code from main to system installation procedure
    - Removed the menu option to update mirrors
    - Code now always expects the username "ronindojo" (dropped support for alternative usernames)
    - Removed generating and showing credentials for the Explorer key (this has been dropped with the dojo update in v2.0.2)
    - Feature: Updated Ronin's Dojo fork to v2.1.0
      - Based off upstream Dojo v1.21.0
      - updated to BTC-RPC Explorer 3.4.0
      - updated to Tor v0.4.8.5
      - updated to Fulcrum v1.9.1
      - added $1 Fee Estimator
      - adjusted standard fee estimation
      - updated MariaDB Docker image
      - updated Nginx Docker image
    - Credits: BrotherRabbit, dammkewl, BTCxZelko, kyc3, s2l1, numbers, WittyBull, PavelTheCoder
  • v2.0.2 protected Release: v2.0.2
    RoninDojo v2.0.2 Change Log
    - Bug fix: fixed dependency in explorer container throwing an error during build
    - Feature: Updated Ronin's Dojo fork to v2.0.2
      - Based off upstream Dojo v1.20.0
      - Features: Updated Bitcoin Core v24.0.1
      - Features: Added option to use Auth47 for DMT auth
      - Features: Updated Whirlpool CLI v0.10.16
      - Features: Updated Explorer 3.3.0+SW, now uses node 18
    - Credits: PavelTheCoder, dammkewl, BTCxZelko, Numbers, s2l1
  • v2.0.1 protected Release: v2.0.1
    RoninDojo v2.0.1 Change Log
    - Bug fix: removed an obsolete permissions check that unnecessarily caused a redundant dojo stop during a RoninDojo update
    - Feature: Added exposing Fulcrum indexer to the LAN by default
    - Feature: Added connection info to Fulcrum credentials menu for the local connection
    - Credits: dammkewl, PavelTheCoder, BTCxZelko, s2l1, kyc3, WittyBull, BrotherRabbit
  • v2.0.0 protected Release: v2.0.0
    RoninDojo v2.0.0 Change log
    - Updated the pgp key file
      - Added the RoninDojo support PGP public key
      - Updated BTCxZelko's pgp public key entry
    - Switched expected OS from Manjaro to Debian
    - Added update script that warns v1.x users to migrate to v2 via flashing
    - Added use of tune2fs on the backup drive when installing it, to maximize usage of the backup drive's storage space
    - Updated Ronin's Dojo fork to v2.0.0
      - Based off upstream Dojo v1.18.1
      - Features bitcoind now reporting the RoninDojo version tag of dojo, as opposed to the upstream version it's based off.
    - Credits: BTCxZelko, OrangedMike, dammkewl, s2l1, BrotherRabbit, Witty Bull, Numbers, KYC3, PavelTheCoder
  • v1.15.1 protected Release: v1.15.1
    RoninDojo v1.15.1 Change Log
    - Bug fix: non existent _update_15 is no longer called during an upgrade
    - Bug fix: non existent _update_19 is no longer called in a fresh install
    - Activated Fulcrum Batch support (dojo internal)
    - Bug fix: specter uninstall migration now actually removes the specter installation
    - Updated Dojo to 1.18.1, which includes the following:
      - Updated several base images to debian:bullseye-slim
      - Updated Whirlpool's tor to
      - Tor updated to and its OBFS4 to 0.0.14
      - Updated addrindexrs to 0.6.0
      - updated mariadb(tracker) to 10.7.1
      - A fix so that it doesn't matter if the newer or older docker compose CLI api is present
    - An additional update in RoninDojo's fork of dojo, updating WhirlPool to 0.10.16
    - Some UX improvements
    - Credits: dammkewl, PavelTheCoder, BTCxZelko, s2l1, BrotherRabbit, KYC3, OrangedMike, Din, Numbers
    - Honorable Mentions: ZeroLeak
  • v1.15.0 protected Release: v1.15.0
    RoninDojo v1.15.0 Change Log
    - Fixed backup drive feature
    - Fixed salvage for indexers and tor data
    - Fixed bisq installation
    - Fixed mempool.space
    - added conf backup script in case an upgrade goes wrong
    - debug script now also generates a link for the PnP installation procedure journal logs
    - Dojo updated to upstream v1.17.0
    - Bitcoind updated to 0.23.0
    - Electrs updated to 0.9.9
    - Tor updated to and its OBFS4 to 0.0.13
    - Whirlpool updated to 0.10.15 and its tor to
    - Electrs is now a separately defined container, no longer reusing addrindexrs' container
    - Added Fulcrum indexer option, version 1.7.0
    - Credits: dammkewl, BTCxZelko, s2l1, PavelTheCoder, BrotherRabbit, KYC3, Numbers, OrangedMike
  • v1.14.4 protected Release: v1.14.4
  • v1.14.3 protected Release: v1.14.3
    RoninDojo v1.14.3 Change Log
    - Electrs version bump to 0.9.7
    - Bug fixes in salvage procedure
    - Bug fix in handling mounts in installation procedure
    - Bug fix in handling filesystems in installation procedure
    - Bug fixes regarding update migration scripts
    - Refactored menu-whirlpool-wst.sh
    - Bug fix in install cleanup
    - Bug fix in indexer swap procedure
    - Bug fix in ronin.network service
  • v1.14.2 protected Release: v1.14.2
    Bug fixes:
    Issue 114 - menu countdown during main menu exit
    Issue 132 - SSD Drop off after reboot
    Issue 133 - Mempool Space installing by default
    Fixed running update migration scripts for a freshly installed system
    Removed obsolete upgrate migration scripts from 1.9 and older
    Simplified UFW setup procedure in install-system-setup.sh
  • v1.14.1 protected Release: v1.14.1
  • v1.14.0 protected Release: v1.14.0
  • v1.13.1 protected Release: v1.13.1
    RoninDojo v1.13.1
    -RoninUI 2.0 prep
    -Ronin PnP prep
    -Bug Fixes
  • v1.13.0 protected Release: v1.13.0
    CHANGELOG v1.13.0:
    -Dojo 1.13.0
    -Electrs 0.9.4
    -Specter 1.7.2
    -RoninUI Re-install menu option
    -Prep for Plug-n-Play
    -Bug fixes
  • v1.12.0 protected
    96c00a5e · Dojo tag ·
    Release: v1.12.0
  • v1.11.1 protected
  • v1.11.0 protected
    ad1f0f77 · Add Changelog ·
    Release: v1.11.0
  • v1.10.0 protected
    a7beff06 · update samourai-dojo tag ·
    Release: v1.10.0
  • v1.9.1 protected
    532097f8 · Update to Specter 1.3.0 ·
    Release: v1.9.1
  • v1.9.0 protected Release: v1.9.0