Verified Commit dfc8eb61 authored by likewhoa's avatar likewhoa
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Trigger forced system update

parent 330624a4
......@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@ _main() {
test -f "$HOME"/.config/RoninDojo/data/updates/18-* || _update_18 # Update docker-bitcoind.conf settings for existing users
test -f "$HOME"/.config/RoninDojo/data/updates/19-* || _update_19 # Uninstall bleeding edge Node.js and install LTS Node.js
test -f "$HOME"/.config/RoninDojo/data/updates/20-* || _update_20 # Revert some settings in docker-bitcoind.conf
test -f "$HOME"/.config/RoninDojo/data/updates/21-* || _update_21 # Perform System Update
# Create symbolic link for main ronin script
if [ ! -h /usr/local/bin/ronin ]; then
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