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Rework of update 21 to fix issues with update 06. Thanks Pavel!

parent 94326286
......@@ -385,14 +385,27 @@ _update_20() {
# Perform System Update
_update_21() {
local _pacman
if _is_dojo "${ronin_dojo_menu}"; then
printf "%s\n***\nPerfoming a full system update...\n***\n%s" "${red}" "${nc}"
_dojo_check && _stop_dojo
_pause continue
# Modify pacman.conf and comment ignore packages line
if test -f "$HOME"/.config/RoninDojo/data/updates/06-*; then
sudo sed -i "s:^IgnorePkg =.*$:#IgnorePkg = ${pkg_ignore[*]}:" /etc/pacman.conf
# Update system packages
sudo pacman -Syyu --noconfirm
# Uncomment IgnorePkg if necessary
${_pacman} && sudo sed -i "s:^#IgnorePkg =.*$:IgnorePkg = ${pkg_ignore[*]}:" /etc/pacman.conf
printf "%s\n***\nSystem update complete, restarting system...\n***\n%s" "${red}" "${nc}"
_pause reboot
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