Commit ad634016 authored by kenshin-samourai's avatar kenshin-samourai
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update bip47 lib to v0.4.0

parent f2afc055
......@@ -18426,6 +18426,22 @@ class PaymentCode {
return getP2pkhAddress(child.publicKey,;
derivePaymentPrivateKey(A, idx) {
if (!ecc.isPoint(A))
throw new TypeError('Argument is not a valid public key');
const b_node = this.derive(idx);
const b = b_node.privateKey;
const S = ecc.pointMultiply(A, b);
const Sx = S.slice(1, 33);
const s = sha256(Sx);
if (!ecc.isPrivate(s))
throw new TypeError('Invalid shared secret');
return ecc.privateAdd(b, s);
derivePaymentPublicKey(a, idx) {
if (!ecc.isPrivate(a) && !ecc.isPoint(a))
throw new TypeError('Argument is neither a valid private key or public key');
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