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Fix: typos

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......@@ -847,12 +847,12 @@
<string name="restoring_a_wallet_no_problem_let_s_figure">Restoring a wallet? No problem, let\'s figure out what kind of restore to perform.</string>
<string name="i_have_a_samourai_backup_file">I have a Samourai backup file</string>
<string name="encrypted_backup_file_passphrase">Encrypted backup file + passphrase</string>
<string name="before_anything_else_lets_take_ncare_of">Before anything else, lets take\ncare of some network\nhousekeeping.</string>
<string name="before_anything_else_lets_take_ncare_of">Before anything else, let's take\ncare of some network\nhousekeeping.</string>
<string name="dojo_status">Dojo status:</string>
<string name="api_key">API Key</string>
<string name="dojo_onion_address">Dojo onion address</string>
<string name="would_you_like_to_enable_tor">Would you like to enable Tor?</string>
<string name="would_you_like_to_connect_to">Would you like to connect to your\nown dojo server?</string>
<string name="would_you_like_to_connect_to">Would you like to connect to your\nown Dojo server?</string>
<string name="passphrase_is_required_for_samourai">Passphrase is required for samourai import</string>
<string name="send_cahoots">Send Cahoots</string>
<string name="dojo_config_detected">Dojo configuration detected</string>
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