1. 28 Sep, 2019 1 commit
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      Updated Cargo.lock · 0cf115d5
      Martin Habovstiak authored
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      Code documentation and cleanup · f050bc44
      Martin Habovstiak authored
      Besides several comments added to the code, all relevant instances of
      `panic!`, `.unwrap()` and `.expect()` were removed in order to keep
      messages user-friendly. `.extend()` is used istead of `.push()` on
      `PathBuf` for multi-fragment values.
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      Fixed address resolution · 2b301a3b
      Martin Habovstiak authored
      The addresses weren't resolved in case of deserializing from config
      file. Besides, resolving addresses in parsing/deserialization code would
      make messy code (harder to read). This commit fixes both issues by
      moving address resolution to post-processing stage.
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      Fixed db subdir · 2c50791d
      Martin Habovstiak authored
      As the network name changed from `mainnet` to `bitcoin`, this change
      accidentally affected database subdirectory. This would be
      backwards-incompatible in a major way (the users would have to notice
      the change and rename it).
      This commit reverts the name of the subdirectory and renames the
      variable to express the intent more explicitly.
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      Added CWD cfg file and fixed ordering of cfg files · 268fbf5c
      Martin Habovstiak authored
      The values in user-level config file should override system config file,
      not the other way arounnd. Also added `electrs.toml` config file which
      is searched for in the current directory.
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      Use configure_me instead of clap · ec049b9a
      Martin Habovstiak authored
      Since use of configuration files is both mmore secure and more
      convenient and clap doesn't support config files, this switches to
      configure_me, which supports config files, env vars and also generating
      man pages.
      Closes #151
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