Commit f3711652 authored by kenshin-samourai's avatar kenshin-samourai
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use crate::store::{ReadStore, Row, WriteStore};
use crate::util::Bytes;
pub struct FakeStore;
impl ReadStore for FakeStore {
fn get(&self, _key: &[u8]) -> Option<Bytes> {
fn scan(&self, _prefix: &[u8]) -> Vec<Row> {
impl WriteStore for FakeStore {
fn write<I: IntoIterator<Item = Row>>(&self, _rows: I) {}
fn flush(&self) {}
mod tests {
fn test_fakestore() {
use crate::fake;
use crate::store::{ReadStore, Row, WriteStore};
let store = fake::FakeStore {};
store.write(vec![Row {
key: b"k".to_vec(),
value: b"v".to_vec(),
// nothing was actually written
......@@ -17,7 +17,6 @@ pub mod cache;
pub mod config;
pub mod daemon;
pub mod errors;
pub mod fake;
pub mod index;
pub mod mempool;
pub mod metrics;
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