Unverified Commit b2bb6b8c authored by Roman Zeyde's avatar Roman Zeyde
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Improve error message in case of Query::status() failure

parent 82cdf654
......@@ -249,8 +249,10 @@ impl Query {
pub fn status(&self, script_hash: &[u8]) -> Result<Status> {
let confirmed = self.confirmed_status(script_hash)?;
let mempool = self.mempool_status(script_hash, &confirmed.0)?;
let confirmed = self.confirmed_status(script_hash)
.chain_err(|| "failed to get confirmed status")?;
let mempool = self.mempool_status(script_hash, &confirmed.0)
.chain_err(|| "failed to get mempool status")?;
Ok(Status { confirmed, mempool })
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