Commit 024280cd authored by kenshin-samourai's avatar kenshin-samourai
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remove unused configuration parameters

parent 672220c0
......@@ -51,11 +51,6 @@ name = "daemon_rpc_addr"
type = "crate::config::ResolvAddr"
doc = "Bitcoin daemon JSONRPC 'addr:port' to connect (default: for mainnet, for testnet and for regtest)"
name = "monitoring_addr"
type = "crate::config::ResolvAddr"
doc = "Prometheus monitoring 'addr:port' to listen on (default: for mainnet, for testnet and for regtest)"
name = "jsonrpc_import"
doc = "Use JSONRPC instead of directly importing blk*.dat files. Useful for remote full node or low memory system"
......@@ -89,9 +84,3 @@ name = "txid_limit"
type = "usize"
doc = "Number of transactions to lookup before returning an error, to prevent 'too popular' addresses from causing the RPC server to get stuck (0 - disable the limit)"
default = "100"
name = "server_banner"
type = "String"
doc = "The banner to be shown in the Electrum console"
default = "concat!(\"Welcome to electrs \", env!(\"CARGO_PKG_VERSION\"), \" (Electrum Rust Server)!\").to_owned()"
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