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Samourai Documentation
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:caption: Samourai Wallet
Getting Started <./wallet/intro/index>
Advanced Settings <./wallet/advanced/index>
Premium Features <./wallet/premium/index>
Troubleshooting & Diagnostics <./wallet/troubleshoot/index>
FAQs <./wallet/faqs/index>
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Video Tutorial
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Step 1: Open Samourai & Start New Wallet
Once Samourai is installed onto your device, launch the app
and tap on the START NEW WALLET button to begin creating your new wallet.
Step 2: Choose a passphrase for your wallet
You will now be asked to create and confirm a passphrase of your choosing.
This passphrase will provide additional security to your bitcoin wallet,
and will allow you to easily export your wallet onto any other compatible
bitcoin wallet software.
**IMPORTANT: We do not know or store your passphrase. If you forget your passphrase we cannot help you reset it. Do not forget your passphrase**.
Step 3: Create a PIN code for your wallet
You will now be asked to create and confirm a PIN code between 5 and 8 digits long. The PIN is used to easily access your wallet without needing to enter your passphrase. If you forget your PIN code you can always access your wallet with your passphrase.
Step 4: Write down your secret words
Samourai has now created a brand new Bitcoin wallet for you. You will be shown 12 random words. It is crucial that you write down and secure these 12 secret words.
These words when used together with your passphrase can regenerate your entire wallet, balance, and history.
**IMPORTANT: Your secret words must be kept a secret. Anyone who knows your secret words and your passphrase will be able to steal your bitcoin. Never keep your words saved on a computer or the cloud.**
Your wallet has now been created and you are ready to begin sending and receiving bitcoin payments!
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Getting Started
Installing Samourai
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Creating a Wallet
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Making Your First Deposit
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Sending a Transaction
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Samourai Wallet is currently available to Android users
running Android version 6.0 or higher.
Install via Google Play
Samourai is available via the
`Google Play Store`_. Any Android user with access to the Google Play Store
can obtain & install Samourai Wallet there.
We also offer the latest Samourai Wallet APK via Direct Download on our site.
.. _`Google Play Store`:
Install via Direct download
For those users wishing to avoid the use of the Google Play Store,
obtain the latest version of Samourai via the direct download link at ``_.
.. _``:
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First things first. You cannot buy bitcoin with Samourai Wallet.
You can only store bitcoins you already own.
In order to take full advantage of our premium functionality that
enhances your privacy you must have some bitcoin in your wallet.
We recommend an initial deposit of least 0.001 BTC, to unlock the full potential of Samourai.
Get your latest bitcoin address
Your Samourai Wallet contains an infinite amount of bitcoin addresses that get
used once and then are archived. To get your latest bitcoin address
press the blue '+' button on the bottom right of the main balance and
transactions screen in Samourai. Then, press the green 'Receive' button to open
the Receive screen.
Scan or share your address
Samourai Wallet will display a QR code of your latest bitcoin address.
Underneath the QR code is the actual address text.
You can scan this QR code with any other bitcoin wallet or you share the QR code or address manually...
To copy the address to clipboard: Tap the address text and press 'YES'
To share the QR code image: Tap the share icon in the toolbar
Send to Samourai
With your other wallet or service either scan the QR code on the Receive screen
or paste the address. We recommend depositing at least 0.001 BTC
to unlock the full potential of the wallet.
You just made your first deposit. Samourai will notify you once it sees the
transaction on the network. This is usually nearly instant.
You will see your balance update and your first transaction appear in the
transaction list!
*Note for Whirlpool Users*
*If you're hoping to use Samourai with Whirlpool, make sure you deposit enough BTC to enter into Whirlpool. The smallest amount you can enter into Whirlpool is a little above 0.0105 BTC.*
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Receiving in Samourai is easy, modern, and versatile. Samourai supports
and displays bech32 receive addresses by default. These addresses begin
with 'bc1', and are the default type of receive address in Samourai.
You can also generate Segwit Compatability (P2SH/BIP49) and Legacy (P2PKH/BIP44)
addresses in Samourai, via the "Advanced" settings gearbox on the Receive screen.
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There comes a point when you need to make an outgoing transaction from your Samourai Wallet. This is called a send.
Samourai can get pretty fancy with different types of sends, but we'll keep it simple here.
Quick Scan
If you have a QR code of the recipient's bitcoin address, the quickest way to send is to tap the Scanner icon in the toolbar on the Main screen in Samourai. This will activate the camera and scanner. Focus the camera on the QR code until it successfully scans.
Recipients using this method often encode the exact BTC amount to be sent directly into the QR code, making the process even easier.
If there is no BTC amount auto-filled after scanning, simply enter the amount you wish to send manually.
To get to the Send Screen without activating the Quick Scan camera simply tap the blue '+' button on the bottom right of the main balance and transactions screen. Then, press the red 'Send' button. This will open the Send Screen.
The Send Screen
On the send screen, you can activate the QR scanner by pressing the Scanner code icon in the toolbar. You can also manually paste any bitcoin address into the 'To' field.
Once a valid address and send amount are entered in, the "Review Transaction" button at the bottom will no longer be grey, and will become blue. Tap it to continue to the review screen.
Review & Send Transaction
Double check that the bitcoin address and amount are correct.
Use the fee slider to increase or decrease the transaction priority. The lower the priority, the longer it will take for the transaction to confirm. Increase the fee for more urgent transactions that need to be confirmed quickly.
Underneath the fee slider, there will be a green 'SEND' button across the bottom of your screen. Tap it to continue.
You will be asked to confirm the details of your send one last time. Take a moment to review those details before sending. Press OK to broadcast your transaction to the bitcoin network, and then wait for your transaction to confirm.
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