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Example [GitBook] website using GitLab Pages.
Learn more about GitLab Pages at and the official
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**Table of Contents** *generated with [DocToc](*
- [GitLab CI](#gitlab-ci)
- [Building locally](#building-locally)
- [GitLab User or Group Pages](#gitlab-user-or-group-pages)
- [Did you fork this project?](#did-you-fork-this-project)
- [Troubleshooting](#troubleshooting)
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## GitLab CI
This project's static Pages are built by [GitLab CI][ci], following the steps
defined in [`.gitlab-ci.yml`](.gitlab-ci.yml):
# requiring the environment of NodeJS 8.9.x LTS (carbon)
image: node:8.9
# add 'node_modules' to cache for speeding up builds
- node_modules/ # Node modules and dependencies
- npm install gitbook-cli -g # install gitbook
- gitbook fetch latest # fetch latest stable version
- gitbook install # add any requested plugins in book.json
#- gitbook fetch pre # fetch latest pre-release version
#- gitbook fetch 2.6.7 # fetch specific version
# the 'pages' job will deploy and build your site to the 'public' path
stage: deploy
- gitbook build . public # build to public path
- public
- master # this job will affect only the 'master' branch
## Building locally
To work locally with this project, you'll have to follow the steps below:
1. Fork, clone or download this project
1. [Install][] GitBook `npm install gitbook-cli -g`
1. Fetch GitBook's latest stable version `gitbook fetch latest`
1. Preview your project: `gitbook serve`
1. Add content
1. Generate the website: `gitbook build` (optional)
1. Push your changes to the master branch: `git push`
Read more at GitBook's [documentation][].
## GitLab User or Group Pages
To use this project as your user/group website, you will need one additional
step: just rename your project to ``, where `namespace` is
your `username` or `groupname`. This can be done by navigating to your
project's **Settings**.
Read more about [user/group Pages][userpages] and [project Pages][projpages].
## Did you fork this project?
If you forked this project for your own use, please go to your project's
**Settings** and remove the forking relationship, which won't be necessary
unless you want to contribute back to the upstream project.
## Troubleshooting
1. CSS is missing! That means two things:
Either that you have wrongly set up the CSS URL in your templates, or
your static generator has a configuration option that needs to be explicitly
set in order to serve static assets under a relative URL.
Forked from @virtuacreative
[host the book]:
###### Guiding Principles
- Starting simply and improving is better than than not starting at all
- It's more engaging to use tools before reading a detailed explanation
- Always keep full control of your bitcoin (use non-custodial tools)
- Stay focused and avoid scams (use bitcoin-only tools & services)
| Step | Description |
| ---- | ----------- |
| [01.](step-01) | Get a Wallet |
| 02. | Buy some bitcoin |
| 03. | Why use bitcoin? |
| 04. | What is bitcoin? |
| 05. | Further Learning |
| 06. | Better Backup |
| 07. | Running a Node |
| 08. | Joining In |
| 09 | Bitcoin Privacy |
| 10. | Bitcoin MicroPayments (Lightning) |
| 11. | Technical Details |
| 12. | Buying privately |
# Summary
* [Introduction](
## Step 1. Get a Wallet
*Aim: Make and backup a bitcoin wallet*
1. Download <a href="" target="_blank">Blockstream Green wallet</a>.
2. Make a new wallet and write down the 24 words presented to you. These 24 words act as a key to access your bitcoin.
3. Make another copy of these words and put them both somewhere hidden/safe in your house.
4. In green wallet, click receive and copy the address shown on screen, this can be done by clicking on the QR code.
## Step 2. Buy some bitcoin
*Aim: Get a small amount of bitcoin*
- Only buy a small amount of bitcoin to start (in a later step we will improve your backup redundancy).
- Buying privately is recommended for your long term privacy, despite the fact that buying non-privately is often more convenient.
- If you decide to initially buy non-privately, consider trying the private methods in the future.
## Buying Privately
##### Overview table
| | Private Methods | Semi-Private Methods | Non-Private Methods |
| --- | --- | --- | --- |
| Method of Payment | Cash | Bank Transfer | Debit Card |
| Interface | In person | Website | Website |
| Email & Phone | **Not Required** | Required | Required |
| Name & Address | **Not Required** | **Not Required** | Required |
| Relative Privacy | **Great** | Fair | Fair |
| Examples | BISQ / Vouchers | Bittr | CashApp / Bull Bitcoin |
##### BISQ
0. <a href="" target="_blank">Download</a> & Install BISQ
1. Set local currency
2. Look for local sellers (Select BUY BTC button on top ribbon )
3. Buy from local seller (Select Create new offer to buy BTC with ... )
4. Withdraw bitcoin to bitcoin address from Step 1.
*Note: As stated when installing BISQ, the user is responsible for using the software in compliance with local laws.*
##### Vouchers
0. Check whether there are any merchants near you who sell vouchers on <a href="" target="_blank">Azteco</a> or <a href="" target="_blank">FastBitcoins</a>
1. If there aren't any local voucher vendors check out the below options. If there are, buy the minimum voucher denomination and follow the voucher instructions to redeem the bitcoin to your own wallet.
2. When prompted, paste your first bitcoin address from Step 1.
## Buying Non-Privately
##### USD (1.5% Fee)
0. Check cashapp on <a href="" target="_blank">Trustpilot</a>
1. Download <a href="" target="_blank">Cashapp</a> from the app store.
2. Make an account & connect a Debit Card.
3. Buy 25 USD of BTC.
4. Find the Withdraw Bitcoin button, specify an amount and paste your first bitcoin address from Step 1.
5. Wait for the funds to appear in green wallet (< 24 hrs).
##### EUR (Bittr - 1.5% Fee)
0. Check bittr on <a href="" target="_blank">Trustpilot</a>
1. Go to <a href="" target="_blank">Bittr</a>.
2. Enter your email & phone number
3. Paste your first bitcoin address from Step 1
4. Copy the reference and send 25 EUR from your personal bank account to the bank details provided via SEPA
5. Wait for the funds to appear in green wallet (< 24 hrs).
##### CAD (BullBitcoin - 0.25% Fee)
0. Check BullBitcoin on <a href="" target="_blank">Trustpilot
1. Go to <a href="" target="_blank">Bull Bitcoin</a>.
2. Deposit 25 CAD & Buy 25 CAD worth of bitcoin
3. Paste your first bitcoin address from Step 1
4. Wait for the funds to appear in green wallet (< 24 hrs).
##### CHF (any SBB ticket machine - 6% Fee)
0. Go out. You can top up your bitcoin wallet quickly and easily at any time and at any SBB ticket machine.
1. First select “Prepaid” then “Top up Bitcoin”
2. Scan the QR code on your Bitcoin wallet
3. Enter your desired amount (any sum between CHF 100 and CHF 500)
4. Confirm the offer received
5. Enter your mobile number and the security code (mTAN) sent to your phone
6. You cannot top up your bitcoin wallet by credit card use cash (CHF or EUR)
Congrats you now officially hold some BTC. As long as you keep those 24 words safe nobody can steal the funds from the wallet you have created. Without these words (known as your seed words or your private key) nobody can access your bitcoin wallet.
## Step 3. Why use bitcoin?
*Aim: Learn why bitcoin is useful*
1. Read '<a href="" target="_blank">Why Bitcoin</a>' by [Wiz](
2. Read '<a href="" target="_blank">The Bullish Case for Bitcoin</a>' by [Vijay Boyapati](
3. Watch '<a href="" target="_blank">Why Bitcoin Matters</a>' by [Aleks Svetski](
## Step 4. What is bitcoin?
*Aim: Learn what bitcoin is*
1. Read '<a href="" target="_blank">What Is Bitcoin</a>' by [Greg Walker](
2. Watch '<a href="" target="_blank">Bitcoin - The Genesis</a>' by [RT](
## Step 5. Further Learning
*Aim: Further develop your understanding of bitcoin*
###### Listen
1. <a href="" target="_blank">The Bitcoin Standard</a>
2. <a href="" target="_blank">Intro to Bitcoin Austrian thought</a>
###### Read
1. <a href="" target="_blank">The Little Bitcoin Book</a>
2. <a href="" target="_blank">Sovereignty through mathematics</a>
3. <a href="" target="_blank">The Bitcoin Standard</a> (<a href="" target="_blank">Listen</a> to the prologue)
## Step 6. Better Backup
*Aim: Improve your backup so you are ready in-case bitcoin goes up in price or you decide to buy more.*
1. Read the <a href="" target="_blank">Seed FAQ</a>
2. Pick a setup (e.g. Two full backups, one on paper one on stamped metal)
3. Implement your selected setup
# Step 7. Running a Node
*Aim: Understand how and why bitcoiners run their own full nodes.*
Note: Running a node only benefits you if you use your node to send and receive transactions.
1. Watch <a href="" target="_blank">Benefits of a Full Node</a>
2. Evaluate below tables to determine which route seems most suitable given:
| | Route A | Route B | Route C | Route D |
| -- | -- | -- | -- | -- |
| Cost | Zero | Zero | Low | **High** |
| Time Requirement | Low | **High** | **Mid/High** | Low |
| Setup Difficulty | Low | **High** | Mid | Low |
| Downtime | **High** | Low | Low | Low |
| Route | Ideal User | Positives | Negatives |
| -- | -- | -- | -- |
| A | Non-technical Beginner | Free, Easy and Quick | When your computer is off your node will not be running so when you do want to use it you will have to wait for it to sync.|
| B | Technical Enthusiast | Free | Requires significant time to setup & is technologically difficult if you have not used linux before.|
| C | Less Technical Enthusiast | Reasonably low cost & quick | Requires some time to setup though typically guides specify hardware making setup as simple as following instructions precisely. |
| D | Anyone who can comfortably afford this option | Quick and Easy | High cost compared to alternatives |
##### Route A: Bitcoin-Core on your day to day computer
- Download <a href="" target="_blank">NodeLauncher</a>, a simple program to help you intstall bitcoin core.
##### Route B: Bitcoin-core on an available always-on computer
- Video Tutorial: <a href="" target="_blank">Install Linux</a> & <a href="" target="_blank">Install Core</a>
- Written Tutorial <a href="" target="_blank">Option 1 </a> / <a href="" target="_blank">Option 2</a>
##### Route C: Build a standalone node
- Enthusiasts who want to control their own bitcoin full stack: <a href="" target="_blank">MyNodeBTC</a>
- Samourai Wallet Users: <a href="" target="_blank">DOJO</a>
- Other Options: <a href="" target="_blank">RaspiBolt</a> / <a href="" target="_blank">RaspiBlitz</a>
##### Route D: Buy a pre-built standalone node
- Price sensitive enthusiasts who want to control their own bitcoin full stack: <a href="" target="_blank">MyNodeBTC</a> / <a href="" target="_blank">Raspiblitz</a> (<a href="" target="_blank">EU</a> / <a href="" target="_blank">USA </a>)
- Enthusiasts who want high performance: <a href="" target="_blank">NODL</a> / <a href="" target="_blank">NODL Samourai</a>
## Step 8. Joining In
*Aim: Discover how to get involved in discussions about bitcoin.*
1. Attend a <a href="" target="_blank">local meetup</a>
2. <a href="" target="_blank">Subscribe</a> to bitcoin op-tech
3. Join Twitter and follow bitcoiners you come across.
## Step 9. Bitcoin privacy
*Aim: Understand how and why to use bitcoin in a private way*
1. Read how to <a href="" target="_blank">Hodl Privately</a>
2. Learn about <a href="" target="_blank">CoinJoin</a>
# Step 10. Bitcoin MicroPayments
*Aim: Understand what the lightning network is and how you can use it.*
1. Download a non-custodial bitcoin lightning wallet
2. Transfer some bitcoin to it (a small amount)
3. Send bitcoin over lightning
4. Watch <a href="" target="_blank">The Importance of Layer Two</a>
5. Read <a href="" target="_blank">LNP/BP</a> as compared to TCP/IP (extract from <a href="" target="_blank">Q/A About Bitcoin</a>).
## Step 11. Technical Details
*Aim: Better understand how bitcoin works & the terminology*
1. Watch <a href="" target="_blank">But How does bitcoin actually work</a>
2. Watch <a href="" target="_blank">How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood</a>
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